Double-layer rabbit cage-gray and white
Double-layer rabbit cage-gray and white

Double-layer rabbit cage-gray and white

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Product material: pine wood, galvanized wire mesh, galvanized sheet, oil felt.
Main color: off-white; top oil felt is black.

The overall size of the product is: 90(L)*45(W)*80.5(H)cm,
The overall wooden strip size of the product is 3*2cm, and the overall wooden board size is 7*1cm.
The size of the top cover of the product is 90*46cm, and the top is connected with the product box by a hinge.
The overall length of the box is 83.5cm and the width is 40.5cm. The upper left side of the box is wire mesh.
There is a wooden door on the right, the size of the wooden door is 27*33.5cm, and there is a partition in the middle.
The size of the partition is 35.5*37cm, the bottom of the box is a wire mesh, the diameter of the galvanized wire mesh is 0.07cm,
There is a galvanized drawer in the middle of the product, the drawer size is 79*39cm,
The upper and lower parts of the box are connected by a wooden staircase. The size of the staircase is 60*14cm.
The side length of the square is 1.2cm; the back of the product is 0.3cm thick plywood fixed with wooden strips.

Remarks: 1. The product contains a set of English manuals; 2. An 80ml ball feeding bottle is provided in the product as a gift